Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been used for healing and meditation since ancient times and by many different cultures. Crystal Therapy is a non-invasive treatment which works on the mind, body and spirit.  Crystals rebalance and realign the subtle energy system (Chakras, Meridian and Aura) very quickly and effectively.  

Crystals have a perfect molecular structure that causes them to vibrate at a constant rate. (This is what makes them such good components in many modern technological items such as watches and computers). Because of their perfect structure crystals are able to direct, focus, absorb and diffuse energy within the body.
When our own energy systems suffer blockages and begin to break down under stress the resonance and vibration of a crystal can help us to clarify and reinstate our own harmonious patterns of health. Placing crystals close to the energy imbalances (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) can encourage our body’s own healing processes to become more effective.

During a treatment the recipient remains fully clothed and rests on a couch or may also remain seated if preferred. The practitioner places chosen crystals on or around the recipient during the treatment. The recipient often finds that they feel a very deep sense of relaxation and following a crystal treatment many report that they feel more able to respond to personal issues and situations with a  more positive outlook and a different perspective.


Benefits of Crystal Therapy

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Assists positive mental thought
  • Calms the heart and mind
  • Can aid study and concentration
  • Deep relaxation
  • Balances mind, body and spirit
  • Can aid relief of headaches and migraine
  • Refreshed, uplifted and energised
  • Can create clarity within the person to move forward with issues

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